L & Her Beautiful Daughter | Whitehorse Family Photographer

L booked with me when she was pregnant a few years back and she looked so beautiful in her maternity pictures. She just beamed with joy and love and I knew she was going to be an amazing Mother.

To see her with her daughter confirmed exactly what I knew was true…she IS an amazing Mother. I had so much fun with the two of you on your photoshoot.

Beautiful Stella | Edmonton Children's Photographer

It is hard to know where to begin when describing Beautiful Miss Stella. She is such a true light. She is a friend of my sons. Stella has an amazing singing voice, an incredible energy that just makes me want to smile whenever I think of her. She is so so kind and warm and caring and generous and I feel so lucky that we know her!!!!

Thanks Stella for letting me take your portraits!! I hope we contiue to take them year after year!

T and her Awesome Son | Edmonton Family Photographer

T had me come to their neighborhood to get some shots of their puppy and of T and her son together. He is AWESOME!!!! 

Isn’t he the cutest!?? He was so much fun and full of such a warm energy. 

This one makes my heart melt…his cute little smile, stunning eyes and those freckles!

Hee Hee…my fave!


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