Shannon and Dave Elope | Whitehorse Wedding Photographer

Shannon and Dave contacted me to hire me to do their wedding pictures in Whitehorse this past year. We met for the first time while Shannon was getting her make up done. She is so sweet and lovely and easy going and fun!! They decided to elope in Whitehorse, even though they are not from Whitehorse, and actually had never been. Dave met us during the make up too. He has such similar qualities to Shannon, so optimistic and warm. It was easy to see right from the start these two were meant for each other. 

We continued on to the Color Bar where Shannon had her hair done by the wonderful, Devon. 

Dave and I snuck out and went to Murdoch’s (a local jewelry store), where he picked up gold nugget rings!! 

I love the pink color they chose as an accent. 

Before heading out to take photos, we stopped for beer and breakfast! This was one of my most fun photo days ever…especially with such an amazing couple. 

These two…their connection is one of the most real connections I have had the privledge to witness. So real and so completely geniune. 

One more beer stop at the Dirty Northern.

Their ceremony was held at the Inn on the Lake. It was so lovely. The weather was perfect, the Inn was set just right and we even had a few skype in for the ceremony!

Shannon and Dave, I cannot express how grateful I am that you found my site and hired me to take your wedding photos. Your perfect day left me feeling completely inspired and in awe of the love you two have found with one and another. 

Much love to you both. <3

C & S | Edmonton Engagement Photographer

C contacted me to meet me for a consultation. From the moment we greeted each I knew I wanted to be their wedding photographer. Lucky for me she hired me on the spot! C & S are such a wonderful couple. Full of such enthusiasm for each other. It’s easy to see when you look through these photos the love they share. C & S can’t wait for your big day later this month!!! 

K & W Elope! | Edmonton Wedding Photographer

I have known K for quite a few years…actually now that I think about it, almost a decade (wow!). She used to babysit my boys. So, when she asked me if I would take pictures of her and W eloped I was beyond touched and thrilled. Not only did I get to capture their day, I also got to witness it!

They chose such a lovely location, and we really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day weather wise.

W is the sweetest. Mid ceremony when K had a tear run down her face, W reached over and wiped it away. Love.

K with her awesome sister. These two are so gorgeous, and their personalities are just as beautiful. Hearts of gold these two!

K & W’s sweet baby girl had to be in some of the photos. She is so adorable.

Then we took a few formal pictures. How lovely are these two together? 

K looked just stunning. She chose this amazing coat that worked so well for her day. 

Thank you K & W for asking me to be a part of your amazing day. 


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