Boudoir Details

I often receive emails asking about Boudoir Marathons …many questions actually.  So, I thought I would do a few blog posts on just what is entailed in a Boudoir Marathon.  

The word Marathon can be intimidating.  I am sure it could imply different ideas of just what goes on during a marathon photoshoot.  Quite simply put, all a Boudoir Marathon means, is a series of consecutive appointments (photo shoots) within a day.  By hosting Boudoir sessions in a marathon style, it enables me to package everything together (professional hair, professional makeup, location) at a better price than doing a private session.

Even though there are so many appointments within the day, Boudoir marathon sessions are still very respectful, private and relaxed.  I do employ an all female staff and together we make sure marathons are high energy, positive and private.

Upon arriving to a Boudoir marathon you will be greeted, offered a refreshment and fruit, shown around a bit, introduced to our talented hair stylist and make up artist.  

Once your hair and make up is complete and you are looking and feeling amazing, I then take you to a private room where just you and I look through your outfits, pick matching jewelry (I stock a wide variety) and then we will get started on your photo shoot!

It is a fabulous experience, and if you are thinking of attending one and you are feeling at all hesitant, I would highly encourage you to email me with your questions, concerns… I have been taking Boudoir Pictures now for 2 years and I will do my best to answer any questions at all that you may have!

I will leave you with a few photos of some of the details from our last marathon ….


Edmonton-Boudoir-Photography-7.jpg Edmonton-Boudoir-Photography-6.jpg Edmonton-Boudoir-Photography-4.jpg Edmonton-Boudoir-Photography-2.jpg

Ravishing Miss A | Edmonton Boudoir Photography

 Ravishing Miss A came to me from a facebook referral.  :) Love those referrals.  <3  Miss A’s subtle sexiness, amazing light and GORGEOUS smile took my breath away.  

Miss A, it was my pleasure to have you attend my Boudoir marathon.  Thank you, thank you.  

BTW We must meet up soon!

Edmonton-Boudoir-Photography-63.jpg Edmonton-Boudoir-Photography-55.jpg Edmonton-Boudoir-Photography-54.jpg Edmonton-Boudoir-Photography-51.jpg Edmonton-Boudoir-Photography-49.jpg Edmonton-Boudoir-Photography-36.jpg Edmonton-Boudoir-Photography-21.jpg Edmonton-Boudoir-Photography-19.jpg Edmonton-Boudoir-Photography-8.jpg Edmonton-Boudoir-Photography-1.jpg

Welcome to my new Blog!!

Welcome!  Thanks so much for stopping by!  :)  I’m excited to be launching a brand new blog.  

This year has started out with a bang for me!  I have been meeting so many great people in both Whitehorse and Edmonton and truly feel humbled and fully blessed.  

This year will be bringing about some pretty big changes both in my personal and my professional life.  I am so looking forward to sharing them with you.  :)  

My goals for this ‘new’ blog are to integrate my prior blog into this one, post on a more regular basis and to share more of me (and my family).  The latter one is my biggest goal.

With that, thank you again for stopping by!



What would a post be without a picture?  A sneak peek from an engagement shoot I had in Whitehorse…



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