Whitehorse Family Photos

Beautiful Family in Whitehorse

Katy & Steve's Wedding | Whitehorse Wedding Photographer

From the moment I met Katy and Steve I knew they were two of the most geniune, loving and thoughtful people. I was thrilled to be a part of their day.

 Katy had such classic, beautiful taste and she paid so much attention to all of the amazing details.

 After hanging with the girls, I headed over to see how the boys were making out getting ready…..this little cutie captured my attention right away!

 Katy and Steve decided to do a reveal! (See each other before the ceremony and then proceed to take formal photos after). They chose this beautiful spot over looking Schwatka.

 Look at his face!!!!!!!!

 Their formals were so much fun, and the ones of just the two of them…so effortless as their love shone right through my lens.

 And their beloved dogs! Needed to sneak them in for a few pics!

We had some fun with this red building downtown. I loved the contrast of the red against their classic colors. 

 On to the ceremony we went….

They had such a beautiful backdrop for their ceremony.

Once again, Katy and Steve made sure no detail was missed. Everywhere I looked there was more beauty to look at and capture.

 Eeee, love this last one of Katy looking over her shoulder at me! Thank you so much, Katy and Steve for choosing me to take your wedding photos. <3


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